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With its three brands, BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce, the BMW Group is the world’s leading premium manufacturer of automobiles and motorcycles and provider of premium financial and mobility services. The BMW Group employs a workforce of over 115,000 people in more than 140 countries.

Founded in 1979, the Steyr plant is now the BMW Group’s largest engine plant worldwide. It is also home to the BMW Group’s Diesel Engine Development Centre and one of Austria’s largest industrial companies.

Our aim is clear: We seek the best. Impressive grades or the perfect degree are not our only selection criteria, however. We are looking for people who demonstrate passion, team spirit and motivation. So, apply now and lay the foundation for your success at BMW Group Plant Steyr.

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What we offer.

Our employees are the most important success factor for BMW Group Plant Steyr. Employee satisfaction is a priority for us – as reflected in the services and benefits we offer.

Saving for retirement is becoming increasingly important, especially for the younger generation. BMW Group Plant Steyr naturally provides an attractive pension scheme funded by the company. 

Because well-trained staff are a valuable asset, we systematically support career development at our plant. We aspire to fill job vacancies predominantly with qualified personnel from our own ranks, which enhances career opportunities for everyone. Employees meet regularly with their managers to discuss career objectives and how best to support them. Our Human Resources and training departments offer:

  • Vocational training through to management qualifications
  • Professional development programmes
  • Personal development training, e.g. facilitation and working techniques

BMW Group Plant Steyr offers different working time models, depending on job, length of service and location. The various options take into account the needs of men and women who primarily wish to devote more time to their family and also to employees with care obligations towards dependants. 

BMW Group Plant Steyr has worked with the "Drehscheibe Kind" programme since 2014 to provide on-site childcare for children of employees during the summer holidays, under the name BMW MINIS. Demand for places increases every year. With day-care provided from 7 am to 5 pm, parents have a convenient, stress-free option to keep their children occupied during the summer. BMW MINIS has its own play and recreational zone on the plant grounds and offers a varied programme of crafts, games, sports and learning activities.

In 2016, Plant Steyr’s BMW MINIS won the Upper Austria “Felix Familia” family award.

Our company health service provides employees with information on health-related topics, including the following:

  • Healthy eating.
  • Stress management.
  • Health training.

Our health initiative comprises measures specially developed to continuously improve everyday working life for older employees. Making age-appropriate adaptations to the workplace is one of the core elements of this initiative.

Plant Steyr also provides an on-site fitness centre with attractive options:

  • Fitness, wellness and rehabilitation in a relaxing atmosphere.
  • Health-oriented training equipment.
  • Full class schedule (including yoga).
  • Special back exercises and relaxation programme.

BMW Group Plant Steyr supports a wide range of employee initiatives. Employees and their families can attend many events sponsored by the BMW Group and BMW Group Plant Steyr at a reduced rate or even free of charge. 

Global exchange between skilled workers and managers is common practice at BMW Group plants. We support any employee who wishes to broaden their professional horizons abroad. You can count on our active support in planning and organising your international assignment. Reintegration is also taken care of: We stay in touch from Austria and make the necessary arrangements for your return.

Corporate culture as the engine of success.

Top-class products rely on a top-class corporate culture. This lays the foundation for our success. The Steyr plant purposely invests in this culture, because employee satisfaction and a sense of belonging are of utmost importance.

A passion for quality.

When you put your heart into what you do, your profession becomes your passion and a driving force for achieving extraordinary and innovative feats together. Our employees share a thirst for knowledge, openness to new ideas and the desire to experience something unique.

Ein Team froher Menschen im Gespräch.

Achieving more together.

Teamwork is important to us at BMW Group Plant Steyr, because a group that works well together can always achieve more than an individual. Different capabilities and personalities complement each other and facilitate outstanding group performance.

Appreciation and respect are the cornerstones of good teamwork. In a harmonious work environment, our employees are able to develop as individuals and, at the same time, continue to evolve as a team. 

Our values.

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For products with a strong character, BMW Group Plant Steyr needs people with strong personalities. Apply now and become part of our success.

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