Plant Steyr



Motivated and skilled employees are what the success of the BMW Group in Austria is built on – and they all have one thing in common: a passion for premium products for individual mobility. This was also seen in a 2020 survey by the magazine “Trend”, where we were voted Austria’s third top employer in the category automotive and vehicle construction. 

Health initiative.

At BMW Group Plant Steyr, we have developed a health management concept based on two pillars:

  • First, optimisation of the working environment, which should be designed to minimise strain for employees. This includes all ergonomic factors, such as noise and light, as well as work-time models.
  • The second main building block is promoting health awareness, with options ranging from various training courses for different target groups to a fitness studio offering classes such as Pilates, “back-fit” and yoga, as well as the usual fitness equipment.

Our biggest goal is to take the necessary steps today to stay healthy and fit in the future through health management and many other initiatives.


The new assembly lines for modular engines are specially designed to meet the requirements of an ageing workforce: Height-adjustable electric overhead tracks enable employees of different heights to work in the most ergonomic position possible. Heavy components, such as the roughly eight-kilo exhaust gas turbocharger, are installed with the aid of a gripping and handling device – which avoids lifting of heavy loads.

Innovative lighting concept.

The assembly hall is an innovation in itself, with a completely new eye-friendly lighting concept that makes working more pleasant. The colour concept also has a completely new look: At first glance, it may seem surprising that all surfaces are as light as possible – predominantly white, in fact. This creates a more friendly, pleasant impression and also makes it easier to spot and clean soiled areas. Safety, tidiness and cleanliness are all closely related – and, for us, also a matter of premium quality.

All the right noises.

Another important aspect of health and wellbeing is the acoustic environment of the workplace. We are also setting new standards in this area with a false ceiling and different noise-protection elements.


Our summer day-care programme for children of employees, BMW MINIS, was specially designed to suit our employees’ needs.

Activities for children.

Established in 2014 in cooperation with the "Drehscheibe Kind" programme, childcare is provided from 7 am to 5 pm to help parents keep their children occupied during the summer holidays. BMW MINIS has its own play and recreational zone at the plant and offers a varied programme of crafts, games, sports and learning activities.

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