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Our InnoLab tests and evaluates the ideas of the future: from Industry 4.0 to artificial intelligence to digitalisation.

Human-robot collaboration.

This is about people and robots sharing a workspace and working together on a task. The robot uses a camera to detect body parts (such as the head, chest, arm, etc.) of the human being, with sensors set up to reduce its speed when the employee approaches. If the robot detects a person at a distance of about two metres, however, it maintains its speed because it knows the distance is sufficient. The closer the person gets, the more the robot slows down.

AI for handling empty containers.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) focuses on automation of intelligent behaviour and machine learning. The AI used in this case is a neural network trained with images of empty containers to detect whether a container still needs to be lashed or not. The containers must be lashed if they are loose and could tip over during transport. A camera films and photographs the empty containers; depending on the conclusion it reaches, the empty container takes a different route through the logistics area. The AI teaches itself the logic behind these decisions and is constantly being refined.

Safety check app.

Until now, equipment's safety status was recorded by hand by the plant operator responsible and then transferred to an Excel sheet. Now, using an app on a mobile device, this check is completely paperless and can be carried out on the spot. The app offers many possibilities: Fault descriptions, uploaded images and diagrams and colour coding are all used to indicate the safety status of equipment. This saves time and also increases transparency.

ProGlove data gloves.

ProGlove data gloves assist employees with production and logistics activities. They feature a barcode scanner located on the back of the hand that follows natural hand movements. The glove wearer activates the scanner by pressing a button on the index finger with their thumb. The modular unit on the glove scans the barcode – providing immediate feedback to the employee. This boosts efficiency and helps improve working conditions for employees.

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