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Forward thinkers.

A career-start full of opportunities.

At Plant Steyr, we like to keep our office doors and our plant gates open. As part of our team, you’ll learn a lot about people, technology, processes and corporate culture. As well as ideal entry opportunities, we also offer graduates long-term development prospects. If you’re a team player who’s prepared to take on responsibility, there are many attractive jobs waiting for you at our plant, with plenty of opportunities for you to grow.

Sound like a challenge you might enjoy? You’ll find more information in our job market and can use the online portal to apply. We look forward to hearing from you!

Job market.

Apply now and become part of our success.

Entry-level support programmes.

Mitarbeiter der BMW Group sitzen im Kreis und unterhalten sich.

Global Leader Development Programme.

Excellent preparation for a career at BMW Group Plant Steyr.

Get the skills to succeed.


Anyone who wants to get ahead can go a long way at the BMW Group. The Global Leader Development Programme (GLDP) prepares graduates and young professionals from all disciplines for a career with the BMW Group: from finance and business to IT, engineering and production, to sales and marketing.

You will be able to grow and develop your talents in a structured programme with an experienced mentor to support you. Working abroad, sharing know-how worldwide, tackling exciting and varied projects in dynamic teams and building your own global network are all part of the programme.

So, if you share our passion for future mobility solutions, welcome the opportunity to take on new responsibilities and feel at home anywhere in the world, our doors are open to you. All you have to do is walk through them. Just send us your application and seize the opportunity.

Doktorand zeigt BMW Group Mitarbeiter seine Promotion auf dem Laptop.

ProMotion Austria
Ph.D. programme.

We’ll support while you complete your doctoral thesis.



If you have scientific ambitions and want to write a dissertation that is closely related to the real world, the BMW Group’s doctoral programme could be right for you.

At the BMW Group’s largest engine factory and location of its diesel engine development centre, you can write your dissertation as part of a scientific network and receive the best possible preparation for a career with the BMW Group. Once you have earned your Ph.D., you can apply for jobs advertised internally around the world. As a participant in the ProMotion programme, you have excellent chances of being recruited by the company.