Page Overview: Corporate Sustainability

Corporate Sustainability

At BMW Manufacturing, our commitment to environmental responsibility begins inside the plant. As one of the first in the industry to receive the ISO14001 certification we ensure green manufacturing throughout all processes.  It starts before manufacturing begins and does not end until the finished vehicle is shipped to the customer.  

Our environmental commitment takes on many forms, such as a solid waste recycling program that reduces the need for landfills, and a water conservation initiative that helps save 9.5 million gallons of water each year. We are constantly looking for new ways to make reductions in energy usage and water consumption, using new alternative energy sources, analyzing our plant processes, and evaluating our environmental impact on the plant property and beyond. BMW is not only concerned with environmental sustainability at the plant, but also in the community. Through corporate sustainability partnerships we proactively support environmental initiatives in the state of South Carolina.

From 2006 to 2018, per vehicle shipped, BMW’s South Carolina plant has decreased:

From 2015 – 2018, BMW: