Zoomed in image of BMW kidney grill and roundel.



BMW’s goal is to be recognized as a responsible, sustainable and innovative partner in the community and throughout the worldwide global production network. Corporate sustainability is firmly anchored in our entire manufacturing process: from clean production processes to green recycling practices. Our concept of sustainability extends far beyond the footprint of the plant. We also take responsibility for cultural and social issues and are involved in supporting educational programs and diversity initiatives throughout South Carolina. We believe that being a good corporate citizen is paramount. This also means acknowledging the need to be a good economic partner by not only investing in business, but investing in people. We do this by supporting community organizations and through our many workforce development programs. We are convinced that a solid policy for responsibility is a prerequisite for the success of future generations. That is why we take responsibility for corporate sustainability, social responsibility and economic impact.

The South Carolina governor and BMW Manufacturing President and CEO hold a framed commemorative twenty-year licence plate.


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