Page Overview: Amenities
Overhead view of the plant site with interstate 85 to the left of the plant.


BMW Plant Spartanburg Facility Highlights.

BMW Manufacturing employs 11,000 people. The Spartanburg plant assembles the BMW X3, X4, X5, X6, X7, and XM Sports Activity Vehicles and Coupes and their variants. The 1,150-acre, 8-million-square-foot campus generates its own power, offers an on-site Family Health Center and provides 24-hour security and firefighting personnel. To date, BMW has invested more than $13.3 billion in its South Carolina operations.


Our BMW Manufacturing associates are proud to assemble the Ultimate Driving Machine in South Carolina, and to be neighbors with the BMW Performance Center, home to the BMW Performance Driving School.

At the BMW Performance Center participants are able to enjoy many different BMW driving experiences, such as pushing a BMW M vehicle to its limits, going off-road in a BMW X vehicle, teaching new teen drivers the basics of vehicle control and gripping the handle bars of a BMW Adventure Bike while navigating an off-road course.

If you’ve recently ordered a new BMW, experience the unique opportunity of taking delivery at the Performance Center. This includes a class where you will get the opportunity to drive a BMW similar to your new BMW. Afterwards, a professional team of BMW experts will go over your new vehicle’s features before you take the wheel and drive it home.

Ownership of a BMW is not required to participate in a class, however what is required is a desire to push the Ultimate Driving Machine to its limits while learning to be a safer, stronger and more confident driver.


The Associate Family Health Center is a white building with a large windowed covered entrance. The pharmacy drive-up window is on the right side of the building.
The on-site vision center has wall panels with numerous frames available for associate to chose from.


BMW Manufacturing provides one of the most comprehensive, on-site health care centers offered by employers in the country. The Associate Family Health Center is a first-class facility, employing trained professionals who use the latest in health care technology. The center, a 25,000-square-foot facility, is operated by Premise Health. The Associate Family Health Center opened in January 2013 and has already expanded.  The Vision Center increased from a 600 square foot space to 1,100 square feet and the Dental office space expanded capacity to manage increased demand.

BMW Associates and their families have the option to use primary care services, dental, vision and occupational health/physical therapy. The center also features an on-site pharmacy.

Having all these services in one location is convenient and provides BMW associates with high-quality health care at an affordable price.

The Associate Family Health Center is a white building with a large windowed covered entrance. The pharmacy drive-up window is on the right side of the building.


BMW Corporate Security, in conjunction with contract security and emergency services personnel, protect BMW Manufacturing under these guiding principles:

  1. Protect human life, health, and property
  2. Minimize adverse impact on the environment
  3. Protect the ongoing business ability of the company
  4. Develop partnering relationships with external emergency response organizations

BMW security and emergency services personnel are highly trained and equipped to respond to, and mitigate, practically any type of incident that occurs at the plant.  The staff works closely with other departments in its multitude of responsibilities, such as conducting plant safety inspections, averaging thousands of inspections each month. The department also provides fire and emergency training for associates throughout the plant.  BMW provides 24/7 security and incident investigation.  In all, more than 130 trained security officers and fire fighters patrol and safeguard the 1,000+ acres and all facilities located on the BMW Manufacturing campus.


To help offset BMW’s energy demand, BMW generates a portion of its energy (electrical & thermal) on site. The onsite Combined Heat and Power (CHPs) system is powered by two gas turbines and fueled by reclaimed methane gas piped in from the nearby Palmetto Landfill. The turbines create enough energy to satisfy about 20% of the plant’s electrical needs and about 40% of the plant’s total energy requirements. Use of methane gas reduces the plant’s carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 92,000 tons per year.

Based on calculations provided by the EPA, the reduction of 92,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year is equivalent to the benefit of planting over 23,000 acres of trees annually or 30 times the size of New York City's Central Park.