Page Overview: Components production

Component production: quality in every detail.

The component manufacturing in the BMW Group follows highest standards. Innovative production technologies, modern machinery and qualified employees manufacture premium quality, from the smallest to the largest component. We use various methods that can be selected depending on the use and production volume, so at the end of the perfectly tailored to the customer's vehicle is produced.

Castings: from innovative methods.

The BMW light-alloy foundry is one of the most modern foundries in the world. There he produced cast components made of aluminum and magnesium. The production scope includes engine components such as cylinder heads or crankcases, but also body structural parts and chassis components such as suspension strut supports, tailgate frames or casting nodes for the front and rear axle.

For the series production of cast components five different casting processes are used. Depending on the component concept, the technological requirements and the production volume, the most appropriate casting method is selected. In addition, thanks to innovative manufacturing technology, emissions from combustion residues can be reduced by 98 percent and at the same time increasing efficiency.

Tools: High-tech and craftsmanship.

In the tool making up to 50-ton press tools are processed for body manufacturing. Here not only high technology is in demand, but a lot of manual skill and dexterity.

In the manufacture of tools for quality assurance sheet metal parts are pressed and measured in hundredths of a millimeter. These are ultra-modern measuring machines, such as the optical measuring methods are available.

Disc: For premium safety.

In the car-component production circa 170 employees provide annually forth over 6 million discs for automobiles of the BMW Group, which are an average of 24,000 discs per day. The spectrum ranges from the BMW 1 Series through to the Rolls-Royce Phantom. In addition to conventional brake discs This includes lightweight wheels in composite construction.