Page Overview: Sustainability & Efficiency

Sustainability & Efficiency


Thinking and acting sustainably is a top priority for the BMW Group. This is why we constantly work on developing innovative, sustainable production processes. Environmental protection and profitability are no antipodes – as our production specialists prove time and again: Landshut has the world’s first emission-free light metal foundry where we have managed to reduce emissions from combustion residue by 98 percent while at the same time increasing profitability.

Another example for the conservation of resources is snow cleaning: Used for plastics components, this procedure cleans bumpers in a resource-efficient process that applies carbon dioxide snow. 

We are also striking new ground in terms of our energy management. The exhaust heat from the smelting facility at the light metal foundry is fed into the plant’s internal hot water network. This way, it can be used for heating in winter and for cooling in summer. Together with a new combined heat and power plant on the premises, this setup establishes a unique and sustainable energy cycle, which helps us save about 10,000 tons of CO2 annually while the energy consumption is reduced by 15,000 megawatt hours.