Plant Landshut


The works council at the BMW Group plant in Landshut represents the interests of the workforce. The body currently consists of 31 works councillors, who perform their duties either full-time or on a voluntary basis. The chairman of the works council is Willibald Löw, his deputy is Bernhard Ebner.

The basis for day-to-day operations is the Works Constitution Act, which gives the works council extensive co-determination rights. According to this, it is the task of the works council to ensure that the laws, ordinances, accident prevention regulations, collective agreements and company agreements applicable in favour of the employees are observed and implemented.

Co-determination and its effect on everyday working life are of central importance at the BMW Group plant Landshut. Therefore, the works council and plant management engage in a constant, constructive exchange in order to secure economic performance and thus also the basis for good and secure employment at the plant.

In addition to the works council, the youth and apprentices council as well as the disabled employees’ council represent the interest of these respective groups.


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