Plant Landshut



Corporate citizenship is an integral part of the BMW Group’s identity as a company. BMW Group Plant Landshut fulfils its social responsibility as a key partner and one of Lower Bavaria's biggest employers by supporting selected organisations, events and projects focused on social issues, culture, education and sports. These include the Landshut Wedding pageant, the Landshut Short Film Festival, the city's “Stadtspektakel” Buskers Festival and Africa Days, the “Landshut runs” race, the BMW Benefit Cabaret, the educational programme “Tech4Kids” and much, much more.

BMW Group Plant Landshut assumes social responsibility in order to make a lasting, positive contribution to the development of the region where we operate. Activities range from vehicle donations for educational institutions and non-profits to financial support for social projects and our own initiatives – for instance, promoting maths and science among the younger generation, as well as professional and social integration of refugees.


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