Page Overview: Logistics


Off and away.

To ensure that production runs smoothly and our customers receive their vehicles on schedule, we need the right material to be in the right place at the right time.

About one million parts are transported within the plant every day, including everything from spokes to gas tanks. The commissioning of our new supply center marked the conclusion of the comprehensive revision of our logistics operations, and we are now proud to operate the most state-of-the-art logistics center in the motorcycle industry. At the center, and visible even from afar, is the high-bay warehouse. Reaching a height of 36 meters, the storage accommodates 32,000 parts containers, which are stored and retrieved fully automatically. Tugger trains, which supply the assembly line according to set schedules, deliver the parts just-in-time to production.

About 80 percent of motorcycles are exported to over 130 countries. Reusable steel boxes are used for shipments within Europe, saving around 1,000 tons of material per year. Overseas vehicles are packed in wooden and cardboard boxes and loaded onto trucks.