Plant San Luis Potosi
BMW Group signs Collaboration Agreement with the UASLP.

San Luis Potosi, Mexico; May 16, 2017. - In the presence of Hermann Bohrer, President and CEO of the BMW Group production plant in San Luis Potosi, Roger Ruehs, Finance Director and Lourdes Quijas, Director of Human Resources; In addition to Manuel Villar, Rector of the Autonomous University of San Luis Potosi, Anuar Kasis, General Secretary and Gylmar Mariel, Head of the Liaison Division, the Collaboration Agreement between the BMW Group and the UASLP was signed, establishing the bases and operative mechanisms of both parts, in the matter of investigation and development of projects in benefit of the community.

The signing of the Collaboration Agreement is the result of the BMW Group’s commitment to consolidate itself as a responsible company within the society and the region it resides in. The objective is to not only establish a state-of-the-art production plant in the locality, but also develop programs focused on education, science and culture. BMW Group is proud to collaborate with the Autonomous University of San Luis Potosi in new challenges that will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the community.

This agreement will enhance the participation of professors and students in projects related to Works, Human, Social, Economic, Living Space, Urban Design and Engineering. Additionally, as a result of the commitment of both parties for socially active participation, sustainable development activities will be carried out to bring the collaboration far beyond the fields of research and technological support services.

The BMW Group has a firm global strategy regarding participation in educational initiatives to strengthen student programs with local universities. The objective is to use all the company's experience to contribute to social progress and successful economic development in the countries where it is located.

"This agreement underscores the responsibility we demonstrate for society in San Luis Potosi," said Hermann Bohrer, President and CEO of the BMW Group production plant in San Luis Potosi. "Finding counterparts such as the UASLP, with whom we will establish development programs for different subjects, will allow training professionals who promote the automotive industry and put Mexico in an important position in the region," he concluded.

The BMW Group will continue to reaffirm the social commitment in Mexico and San Luis Potosi. These types of agreements are carried out in order to demonstrate responsibility for the environment, establishing the basis for successful global operations.