A man and a girl are planting a tree together
Where trees and children can grow up together – The_team of BMW Group Plant Debrecen donated spruce trees to a special education institution.

Bárczi Gusztáv Unified Special Education Methodological Institution in Debrecen, which combines a primary school, a skills development school and a student dormitory, received a donation of more than a dozen spruce trees. Members of the team of BMW Group Plant Debrecen planted the trees together with the students of the institution.

The BMW vehicle factory, which will start test production this year, has been built from the very beginning with the iFACTORY approach, which includes a special focus on sustainability. The BMW plant in Debrecen, which is committed to building the future, is taking every opportunity to translate its efforts into action also in its immediate environment. Earlier, following the Debrecen Flower Festival , the live hortensia shrubs used on the float of the company were planted in educational and social institutions in Debrecen. Now, continuing this initiative, they have donated the spruce trees with root balls saved from the Advent period.

The company, which is already deeply embedded in the life of the local community, donated the trees to the Bárczi Gusztáv Unified Special Education Methodological Institution in Debrecen. Hans-Peter Kemser, president and CEO of BMW Group Plant Debrecen, and Anikó Gyöngyi Kovács, the general director of the special education institution, were joined by employees and students of the company and the institution in planting the trees on 28 February in the courtyard of school. The more than 100-year-old institution, which helps the social integration of students and youngsters with special educational needs, has almost 100 special education teachers. BMW Group Plant Debrecen wishes to draw attention to children with special educational needs and their families, as well as the dedicated teachers who teach and help them.

The team of BMW has launched or supports a number of initiatives to make a long-term, positive impact on the present and future of the Debrecen community. “Today is an excellent example of how we think about sustainability: we have donated fifteen trees, earlier displayed at the Advent of Debrecen festival, to an institution that is of great importance to the local community – and which, incidentally, has the title of Perpetual Eco-School. I believe that these small but locally significant gestures are very important from the perspective of raising the awareness of the future generation. I am confident that by planting these trees we can make the everyday life of the staff and more than 300 students of the institution more beautiful,” underlined Hans-Peter Kemser, president and CEO.

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