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The Health Centre has moved to its permanent location at BMW Group Plant Debrecen.

Equipped with the most modern occupational health facilities available and highly qualified permanent staff, the Health Centre offers a new dimension of healthcare, including primary care and emergency services.

Operating since the factory’s groundbreaking in June 2022, the Health Centre has moved to its permanent location. On 12 March, BMW Group Plant Debrecen’s 700-square-metre Health Centre was officially opened inside the Communication Centre building. The Health Centre, previously housed in a container building, offers a high-quality portfolio of services that goes far beyond the statutory occupational health screening required by law.

Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities in line with the BMW Group’s global standards, the Health Centre serves the entire workforce. The facility, which also provides primary care and emergency services, offers BMW employees access to screening and other preventive programmes, as well as health counselling. With the help of screening tests (such as melanoma screening, allergy testing, screening) they could identify different health problems in good time. In the Center, employees can participate in physical therapy treatments as well as individual and group physical therapy. The service portfolio of the institution will be further expanded in the future. The Health Centre curently has three physicians, three nurses, and a dietician trainee.

“The BMW Group creates the infrastructure and personnel conditions at all its centres around the world to help associates stay healthy every day. At our Debrecen facility, we offer our employees a new dimension of care: through our broad portfolio of services, we are committed to providing our associates all the health support they can expect from an employer – and even go beyond that,” Hans-Peter Kemser, President and CEO of BMW Group Plant Debrecen, underlined at the opening of the Health Centre.

From the start of the construction works, the team at the BMW plant in Debrecen has been also looking for opportunities and programmes to benefit the local community. The Health Centre, led by Dr. Hajnalka Szabóné Tamás, also plays a significant role in this work: they regularly organise blood donations and hold educational lectures in local institutions. In addition, it was also the Health Centre team of BMW Group Plant Debrecen that recommended the Women for Children with Cancer, Disabilities and Chronic Diseases Foundation to the attention of the Munich-based Karl-Monz Foundation, which manages charitable and social projects, and which is administered by BMW AG. As a result, the Debrecen-based foundation providing health and social services has been awarded a grant of EUR 25,000.

Through its corporate social responsibility projects, BMW Group Plant Debrecen also seeks to promote health care beyond the walls of the Health Centre. During last year’s Advent, they donated almost EUR 10,000 to the Foundation for Children with Leukaemia, to cover the cost of hot lunches for parents staying with their children hospitalized at the University of Debrecen’s Clinical Centre in 2024.

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