Street heading to the communication center
Moving into the Communication Center of BMW Group Plant Debrecen - The Next Step on the Road to Neue Klasse.

+++ Hans-Peter Kemser, President and CEO of Plant Debrecen: “Another milestone on the Road to Neue Klasse” +++ Surrounded by all production technologies: Communication Center as a central point of contact +++ Already more than 1,000 employees in Debrecen +++

Employees of BMW Group Plant Debrecen have moved into the Communication Center and will join forces before series production of Neue Klasse finally starts. Hans-Peter Kemser is pleased with the construction progress: “In just a few months we will start with the pre-series production of the Neue Klasse in Debrecen setting new standards. This applies not only to the car, but also to the processes here at the plant. The Communication Center supports us through short distances and enables a good exchange between people and technologies.” The architecture was planned and designed according to the BMW iFACTORY concept, which is going to be fully implemented in Debrecen.

While employees, who are not directly working in the production, are already working at the Communication Center in Debrecen, the employees working in the manufacturing are being prepared in the global production network for their future work at the new plant. This ensures a smooth start for the pre-series production in 2024 and the launch of the first Neue Klasse models in 2025.

The Communication Center connects people and products

Based on the central building at the BMW Group plant in Leipzig, the Communication Center in Debrecen also embodies a link between the production technologies of Body Shop, Paint Shop and the Assembly. In Debrecen, this basic idea was further developed, and a central building was created in which the network concept is clearly in the foreground. The architecture was planned in line with the open spaces’ principle and offers the opportunity for collaboration and focus time. The two-story appr. 19,000 square-meter Communication Center offers a 9,406 square-meter office space.

The three main production areas are arranged around the administrative area. In the Communication Center, people and products are connected as well: From the Body Shop, which is adjacent to the office building on the right, the still unpainted body shells will travel on a conveyor bridge that will be visible above people's heads through the Communication Center to the Paint Shop placed centrally behind it. From there the painted bodies are transported back through the office building to the vehicle assembly line, which is located to the left of it. In this way, even those who do not directly work in manufacturing can always follow the route of the product in front of their eyes.

Architectural concept in line with the BMW iFACTORY

Digitalization is already playing a major role in plant construction — the digital twin of the Debrecen plant has already virtually started production in March 2023. The equipment in the Communication Center also embodies the high value of digitalization. The meeting rooms are equipped with modern technological elements and thus enable seamless virtual collaboration even beyond the plant boundaries.

The last few weeks have been particularly exciting for the construction work with the move into the Communication Centre, but another important milestone was also reached in early February.

On 5 February, the restaurant of BMW Group Plant Debrecen was officially opened, where every day a wide variety of meal choice is available for the colleagues.

A state-of-the-art laboratory also found home in the Communication Center's ground floor area in 1,300 square meters. The colleagues of the laboratory will be responsible for the premium quality of the colors of the Neue Klasse models.

The 700-square meter, well-equipped Health Center of the Plant will be operating in the building as well to take care of the colleagues' health and well-being, while also carrying out prevention campaigns.

Inside of the communication center
Inside of the communication center
Exterior view of the communication center
Exterior view of the communication center
Entrance hall of the communication center
Inside of the communication center
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