Page Overview: Built in Thailand


Quality Audit

To ensure customer satisfaction, Plant Thailand performs quality audits to measure that the build quality of each vehicle aligns with customer expectations.

Plant Thailand performs quality audits that measure technical specifications, fitment, and functions. They are performed throughout the manufacturing process and are required to adhere to strict audit standards. These standards are set at BMW Germany and are expected to be followed by all BMW plants globally.

Engine Hot Test

To ensure that you receive the best quality, every time, BMW is taking quality control tests to the next level.

The Engine Hot Test is BMW Manufacturing Thailand’s way of ensuring that only the best components are used in BMW vehicles. The Engine Hot Test allows the engine to simulate the driving experience, proving that BMW engines are of the upmost quality. The Engine Hot Test simulation allows BMW Manufacturing Thailand to analyze how engines perform so that continuous improvement is possible.

VPS (Valued-Added Production System)

The overall goal of the Value-added Production System, or VPS, is to improve business processes.

VPS helps associates be able to identify and avoid waste. The Value-added Production System enables Plant Thailand, and BMW as a whole, to focus completely on top-quality products. The VPS principles are as follows:

1. Flexibility
2. One-Piece-Flow
3. Tact
4. Pull
5. Zero Defects
6. On the Spot Responsibility
7. Standards
8. Continuous Improvement
9. Transparency
10. Zero Waste