Page Overview: BMW 7 Series
Mar 16, 2016


The flagship, with innovations made in Landshut.

Expertise in lightweight construction for the BMW 7 Series.

Like its predecessor, the new BMW 7 Series is manufactured at the BMW Group’s site in Dingolfing. However, key components of the BMW brand’s flagship and beacon of innovation are made in Landshut.

These include structural components made of carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) and aluminum, plastic bumpers, cockpits, driveshafts as well as magnesium dashboards and crankcases made of light metal castings. All these components make the new BMW 7 Series a trailblazer in terms of lightweight design.

Carbon core.

Thanks to an intelligent mix of materials, the models of the BMW 7 Series weigh up to 130 kilograms less than those of the predecessor generation. At the heart of the body structure is a carbon core, making the new BMW 7 Series the first vehicle in its segment in which industrially produced CFRP is applied in combination with steel and aluminum. As a result, the strength and stiffness of the passenger cell have been effectively improved while the vehicle’s weight has gone down markedly.