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Page Overview: Sustainability and efficiency

Sustainability and efficiency

Good for the environment, good for us.

The topic of sustainability is steadily gaining importance in all areas of our lives. At Plant Steyr, we have been investing heavily in responsible action for several years now to contribute today to the world of tomorrow.

Energy and emissions.

The BMW Group’s central concern is not just quality, but also sustainable production. A wide range of major projects at the site are helping reduce energy consumption significantly – in fact, by more than 35 percent in the last 10 years alone. Projects have included installation of in-plant cogeneration systems, which provide almost half the heat required and 10 per cent of the plant’s electricity. Another project involved switching to LED lighting in all production areas. This also reduces energy consumption by more than one gigawatt hour per year.

As part of a further project, an energy-optimised operating concept was implemented in several areas of mechanical production. Like the auto start-stop feature used in cars, the system automatically switches to stand-by if there are no parts awaiting processing. Standards at the Diesel Engine Development Centre are also geared towards the future: higher performance, lower fuel consumption, reduced emissions.

Water and wastewater.

We pursue the goal of actively conserving resources and protecting the environment. One example is wastewater-free production at Plant Steyr: Thanks to an innovative combination of various membrane technologies, all production wastewater from the plant can be optimally processed and fed back into production. In this way, the plant conserves many litres of water per year and no production wastewater enters the public sewage system.

Waste and recycling.

We are economical in our use of materials and ensure that any resulting waste materials are re-used in a meaningful way. Our suppliers are also integrated into this environmental policy: To save packaging material, for example, products and materials are delivered and transported in mesh containers.

The aluminium chips generated during production of cylinder heads and crankcases provide a good example of how to manage resource cycles. Chips are collected according to type and further processed to produce liquid aluminium. This liquid aluminium is then further processed at the BMW foundry in Landshut to form new engine components.

Sustainability in various forms
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  • BMW Group Sustainable Value Report