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Champion engine builder.

The Steyr plant is an essential component in the BMW Group’s global production network. As the BMW Group’s largest engine plant, it builds three, four and six-cylinder petrol and diesel engines, which are fitted in BMW and MINI cars at the company’s vehicle plants around the world. As the centre of competence for the whole Group, BMW Group Plant Steyr is also responsible for development of all BMW diesel engines. The expertise for company-wide production of engine components is also concentrated at this location.

With an engine rolling off the assembly line on average every 15 seconds, the plant produces several hundred different engine variants and achieves an output of nearly 6,000 engines per workday at peak times

The combination of high quality standards, innovative production technologies and highly-skilled employees ensures that premium vehicles “made by BMW” can be built at any BMW Group location worldwide from more than 10,000 individual parts.

At a glance.

Key figures

Company name BMW Motoren GmbH
Executive Board Dr. Alexander Susanek
Dr. Michael Nikolaides
Revenues 3.65 billion €
Employees about 4,500
Overall investment approx. 7.1 billion € 

Production volume (engines)

  2017 2018
Gesamt 1,327,154 1,218,561
Petrol engines 551,025 594,097
Diesel engines 776,129 624,464

Mechanical production (core engine parts)

  2017 2018
Crankcases 1.59 Mio. 1.31 Mio.
Crankshafts 1.41 Mio. 1.35 Mio.
Connecting rods 9.16 Mio. 8.78 Mio.
Cylinder heads 0.76 Mio. 0.92 Mio.