Page Overview: Light Metal Foundry


Our light metal foundry is not only one of the most modern facilities of its kind worldwide, it is also the very first zero-emission foundry with shaping sand cores. This innovative procedure allows us to reduce the emissions from combustion residue by 98 percent while at the same time increasing the facility’s profitability. Every year, the facility produces about 2.9 million castings, totaling 59,000 tons in weight. The production range includes engine components as well as structural parts for the car body.  

Five different casting methods are applied in the series production of cast components, the most suitable of which is selected depending on the specific component’s design, the technological requirements and the production volume. 

An innovation that offers a special customer benefit is the wire arc spraying method: As the first automaker, we coat the cylinder surfaces of all our crankcases with a very thin layer of iron particles, which are applied in liquid form. The results: a reduction in fuel consumption and an extended engine life.