Page Overview: Doing good deeds and strengthening team spirit
Sep 25, 2019

Doing good deeds and strengthening team spirit.

Vierte BMW Ladies Night

Helping, creating something good, and getting jobs done: that is what the Social Day was all about. By acting with responsibility towards our society, our plant operates with more environmental awareness, and we become a stronger team and a better employer.

The Social Day is when BMW employees and members of the plant management group support the Elisabethstift, an organisation in Berlin for children and young people. It runs its own family farm in Lübars, which, however, is frequently in need of active external support. Activities included renovating the baking house, extending the stables, and putting up tree protectors. Inter-departmental and cross-hierarchical teams were put together to perform the work. They were supported by youths from Joblinge e.V., an initiative supported by BMW that aims to reduce unemployment among young people in socially weak positions.